the tiger lillies


it is a blessing to recognize

what seduces you.

the nested shadowwork of avenues


cast a century of moths.

you drift beneath a chlorine corona

encircling the flower shop.


behind the plate glass window

the tiger lillies

grow their own kind of light



in Milford


they luncheon

off tennis rackets

while the dusking

paints the hydrants

and the hour always seems

to silhouette the divers

like an idly


ripe glade of clover

so maybe know it


by the homespun


you unwind



notes on a parade


excuse me this

camber of bodies

makes a

body of chambers

from the mute heat

hidden I carry

in pausing

to watch the

parades go by

in San Francisco,


on the way

to see a friend


personal poem


something about



and cold stuck

to the vinyl


in the school bus

pelting pellmell


when a cobalt-tinted copper

flashes radial lights


and the kids bust up

like an ovation of blue jays

movie theater thunderstorm


after the movie

a soft limbal slur

stirs slowly electric


dumb putterers puttering

into the lobby


see that it has been


and suncatchers and rose

and bruisy clouds


catch bloodening sunlight

and a decadent harrowing

heavies the air

glass poem


the glass glass sweats

like a popsicled daisy

and then the ice cubes

stucked to the bottom

make that slow purchase

of inertia, I’ve come

by & by

to watch you watch

poem of hair


when I wend

--- as is my wont ---

around the block


in my head I make believe

all the barbers’ wives compete


to cut my hair.

but be careful,

barbers’ wives!


vampire moths

live in there.

notes on a suburb


tell me what the porch light said

what vigil kept the summer lawns

in luminaria

the swimming pools


thick with paper moths

what did the tennis courts witness

when the sprinklers switched on

exactly at midnight


rousing the zen dogs

from their wooden houses


to watch the street for cars

and wonder

in their quiet way